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  1. FlipTop Presents: Anygma vs Loe Pesci
  2. Coloradorap Presents: Poetik Genius vs Reverse Live
  3. URLTV Presents: JC vs Pooh
  4. What's Poppin In Here?
  5. SMACK/ URLTV 420 Sco vs NuBorn vs Bill Collector
  6. SMACK/ URLTV 420 J.Dose Challenges Loaded Lux (@THEREAL_DOSE)
  7. SMACK/ URLTV 420 Serious Jones, Bill Collector, Dj Don Demarco
  8. VLADTV KILLAZ BATTLE LEAGUE - T-Rex, Norbes, K Shine, Hanz, Star after the event
  9. UBR - Joe Cutter vs Syd Vicious
  10. My top 10 battlers
  11. Fresco's new music MMXVII
  12. fuck yes bro
  13. About "Battle Rapper" / "VIP" / "Contributor" usergroups.
  14. So what are KOTD working on?
  15. Whos all going to NOME 3?
  16. The obligatory "best battles of all time" thread
  17. Embedding
  18. Who should come to World Domination 4?
  19. Daylyt - "I Am Him Amazing" Music Video
  20. this site feels so good....so fresh..
  21. Nocando at BOTB6
  22. 100bulletz/chilla jones
  23. yo this site>>>
  24. On RM your name was...
  25. [*K.O.T.D.*] - [WD4] -TITLE MATCH ANNOUNCEMENT & More
  26. [*K.O.T.D.*] - [ALCATRAZ] - FREDO vs PARIAH
  28. Opponents for Tantrum @ WD4?
  29. Good job!
  30. free. The Perfect storm battles are free to watch
  31. RBN Presents: Daylyt vs Math Hoffa
  32. The Official Battle Head Smiley Thread 2.0
  33. BLAST! Presents: Ness Lee vs Jeff
  34. [*K.O.T.D.*] - [GZ GP R2] - STEP EASY vs EMCEE BILL
  35. Most disrespectful lines/verses/rounds/battles of all time?
  36. List of URL battlers who confirmed can/cannot leave the country/cross border:
  37. IDGAF what anyone says. sage francis' music is>>>>>>>
  38. if youre one of those..
  39. RBN Presents: Real Deal vs Bishop
  40. choppa is a poop head
  41. Mods move this if you need, but ummm...its Nilla, baby, Alf Gang
  42. yo uhm really happy to be here guys
  43. I fucks with this
  44. Well well well
  45. Hoffa: "Marked Out" or just on good behavior?
  46. Dizaster Response To T-Rex (NOME3) Vlog
  47. Opinion on shotty (maybe) quitting?
  48. AVO you have a civil duty
  49. No detour or manik!
  50. Perfect rhymes
  51. DON'T FLOP - Cee Major & Cracker Vs Bamalam & Cystic (Final)
  52. If You Came To "This Forum" From The "Dweeb Forum"... Let It Be Known...
  53. Official NOME3 Prediction Thread
  54. so...
  55. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  56. letsbeef?
  57. Can't post this on Rapmusic.com
  58. unsung hero..
  60. What battle got you involved?
  61. Daylyt vs Math (Boxing?)
  62. NOME 3! Who's gonna be that dude....
  63. ***Official NOME3 Update thread***
  64. Will Dizaster vs T Rex end up like Illmac vs Arsonal?
  65. Lmfao
  66. hey uhm fresco i got a question
  67. Calgary is flooding
  68. what i want to know is...
  69. Writing EmceeGoddess in jail today...anyone wanna get a word in?
  70. im here now guys
  71. how to get everyone on RM to come over here
  72. NOME3 with the bodybag, RIP RM
  73. Can I have a GOLD name?
  74. #Nome3pic & video updates (rapgrid)
  76. RBN PRESENTS: Dizaster vs Detour (Free for 1 Month)
  77. Can I get like a list of the people from RapMusic who are on here so far?
  78. Confused
  79. I'm Tryna Get In The Ring w/ Fresco
  80. All of you are the realest out
  81. we in here
  82. Finally got my own bedroom in this bitch!
  83. Ars v verb on url confirmed for july 21 in STL
  84. What's the exchange rate on posts from RM?
  85. NOTE: ALOT of traffic
  86. click here for the official RMBVA multiple choice
  87. OT: Fireworks
  88. so i was right Hollow da Don is mad ovverated
  89. [*K.O.T.D.*] - [GZ GP R2] - COBALT45 vs LEX D
  90. native in the building!!
  91. RMBVA post a multi for the username above u
  92. Arsonal Interview By Jack Thriller ; Talks Calicoe, UW, Etc.
  93. Tat our fuckin name on you so I know...
  94. *glass shatters*
  95. My NOME3 Recap - no bars.
  96. So Surf won...
  97. wats good yall?
  98. If B Magic Clearly Beats Clips, Where Do U Rank Him?/A Chance To Apologize
  99. @NahRight Video Vault: 7 Classic SMACK DVD Clip
  100. Why is Aye Verb wearing a CUBS jersey?
  101. u guys are REALLLLLY gonna hate me for this one...
  102. Hitman Remix v Con (Video)
  103. So a two-part question for people who attended NOME3
  104. bootleggs?
  105. NOME3 real winners when footage drops (predictions)
  106. Daylyt new music video got fans in Asia
  107. RMBVA Recruitment Drive
  108. Just a few questions about the site...
  109. O-Red Recap Of NOME3...
  111. So we left because of the change...
  112. RNT# Wizworld N.O.M.E. 3 recap and perspective pt.1
  113. #TAKEOVER rollcall
  114. FlipTop - Tectonics II - PROTEGE vs BENDER
  116. holy shit i finally did it
  117. My life threatened at NOME3 if i didn't join the site.
  118. UBR Turbulence Presents: A-Class Vs. Nick Vicious
  119. Anyone going to the CT event this saturday? The god's battlin.
  120. Hitman Holla Remix From NOME3 - Sneak Preview
  121. Dead at how fast this site caught on lml
  122. *TRANSCRIBED* KOTD - Daylyt vs Rich Dolarz (Day's Verses)
  123. Eurgh appreciation thread
  124. Pat Stay vs Nils M Skils - DELETED
  125. Which Rap Battle League Do You Prefer?
  126. Moderation
  127. FlipTop - Protege vs Bender
  128. Post up some of your favorite lines
  129. So diz didnt get booed off stage lets get into it
  130. KOTD - Ground Zero Grand Prix R2 - Cobalt45 vs Lex D
  131. *TRANSCRIBED* KOTD - QP vs RemyD (Full Transcription)
  132. URL Battle Rap Arena - NOME3 Recap - 6/24 10PMest
  133. Voicebox AZ 420: DC Smitty vs Wite Widow
  134. hey guys , ux9 here , tell me a battle to watch rite now and i will watch it ...
  135. Detour Vlog for June 2013 - Dizaster, T-Rex, Internet Porn & More
  136. M-80 (Canibus's manager) claims KOTD offered Bis' "Damn near 100k"
  137. How much time signifies a choke
  138. [*K.O.T.D.*] - [WC PY] - PARANORMAL EZAC vs J SQUARED
  139. [Don't Flop] - Agent vs Olde English
  140. [**SPOILER ALERT**] KOTD GZ Grand Prix Bracket
  141. Battle that you've watched the most?
  142. *TRANSCRIBED* KOTD - Loe Pesci vs Ness Lee (Full Mumbles Edition)
  143. What is your opinion on Voicebox?
  144. ThrowBack Classic from the GodFather: Erik Foreman vs Kev Money
  145. STL vs Jersey vs Harlem vs Queens vs Brooklyn
  146. Foreman threatened to hit me with the blicker if i didnt join the site...
  147. Soul Khan's new video Rusted Ghosts
  148. Why's Foreman threatening big black dudes to join this site?
  149. Are YOU gonna order the TAKEOVER PPV this weekend?
  150. John Lennon recorded the best diss track of all time tbh
  151. Soooooo, is NYC officially dead or in rebuild mode?
  152. iBattleworldwide Presents: "Gods of the Arena 2 Sat June 29th
  153. So We Jus Gonna Keep Pretending Yung Ill.."Click Here 4 The Rest Of The Thread Title"
  154. Why the fuck haven't I seen...KOTD should be card.
  155. simebody explain why...
  156. Foreman u still have
  157. The Champ Is Here ...
  158. Battle Rap Arena - Tech9's show gets hijacked by Daylyt
  159. Swave Sever NOME3 recap vlog
  160. Can a brother get a smiley up in here?
  161. [*K.O.T.D.*] - [WD4] - MATCH Up ANNOUNCEMENTS #2
  162. *KOTD* - TAKEOVER - Prediction Thread
  163. The Future for Hollow Da Don
  164. The Banner Ad That Was At The Top Of The Screen While I Was On The Dr. Jays Site...
  165. Summer Madness 3
  166. [OFFISHALL] Say something positive about a battle rapper you hate thread
  167. DON'T FLOP | Confirmed: Unanymous Vs Villun | Summer Standard
  168. For those interested: My NOME3 Recap
  169. if u win the first 2 rounds of a 3 round battle...
  170. Excluding chokes, worst round ever ?
  171. For the record, I was not threatened by Foreman
  172. *POLL* -What is your favorite THE SAURUS performance? -*POLL*
  173. UBL Presents: Moneybagz vs Mister Sell
  174. KOTD distribution deal with Universal
  175. Daddys home :gunny:
  176. first person to name a battle rapper with a better track than this win $10 via paypal
  177. grindtime current standings
  178. underappreciated lines and schemes
  179. Fat Pete 24/7
  180. Arsonal vs Dizaster rematch @WD4
  181. GOAT reactions
  182. Did my ppl dirty with the smilie. He's an important guy.
  183. i'm in the building like mr belding my niggas *does smack straight leg walk*
  184. New @ayeverb nome3 recap! 2013
  185. New @hitmanholla nome3 recap! 2013
  186. *TRANSCRIBED* KOTD - TOPR vs Isaac Knox (TOPR's Verses)
  187. Should there be more battles with money on the line?
  188. iBattle Worldwide The Takeover 2 Sept 14th JUST IN CASE YALL DONT KNOW
  189. *TRANSCRIBED* URL - Tsu Surf vs Big T (Full Transcription)
  190. Pat Stay Appreciation thread (nh)
  191. Here It Is... My NOME3 Predictions... Let's see if I can get it right again(as usual)
  192. [*K.O.T.D.*] - [TAKE OVER] - Dizaster Vlog
  193. Loaded Lux Post NOME3 Interview
  194. Preview of conceited on wild n out
  195. B Magic Interview After Clips Battle
  196. NOME3 Aftermath?
  197. VerseTracker/Rap Grid/BattleFix Appreciation
  198. SMACK/ URLTV NOME 3 Recap w/ Ms.Fit & Farrah Funeral
  199. Anyone else agree B-Magic is top 3 in URL
  200. Math Hoffa Has Had A Grand Total of Three Dope Performances In His Battling Career
  201. Would you rather battlers battled rarely and well or often and poorly.
  202. Yo Foreman, Elaborate On This 'Donate' Shit B...
  203. Thanks EF. The Useability of this Forum is Liberating.
  204. This is hands down the best forum online.
  205. What other match ups would you like to see at WD4??
  206. DON'T FLOP - Rap Battle - Marlo vs. Mos Prob
  207. Erik froeman is!!!
  208. What's your favorite 2v2 battle?
  209. RMBVA Battle Rapper Roll Call... who's in this b*tch?
  210. Poison Pen responds to Daylyt blog ( Unbias Review )
  211. Lets CUTT the shit URL is #1 and these others can't compare!
  212. Some not so popular match ups that would be dope.
  213. The Up n Comer Underdawg Thread... whos got potential?
  214. SMACK/ URLTV NOME 3 Flamez Recaps & Spits A Verse (@tharealflamez)
  215. Whats MC's from the Freestyle Era would kill it in KOTD, URL etc?
  216. Beat i just finished up. i hear nas or someone like that on it
  217. UBL Presents: MoneyBagz vs Mister SeLL
  218. just joined this site, wus poppin?!
  219. **best/realest nome 3 recap you'll see**
  220. iBattle Worldwide - Suspense vs. D-Dub
  221. For da sake of formally sayin wuddup ....
  222. A question for peers and fans alike.
  223. my SM3 card based on battles dropped so far this year
  224. Quick question about the KOTD Takeover Stream
  225. Why Verb Should be in your top 5
  226. Battle Rap Movie (suggestion)
  227. if i broadcast the coloradorap event live tomorrow for free, would u watch?
  228. Sometimes when listening to Battle Rap Arena...
  229. KOTD - GZ - Trippz vs Max-A-Million
  230. Dizaster talks about NOME 3, and Colorado Rap .
  231. Will These PoisonPenTV Battles ever be Released?
  232. Chedda Cheese - Daft Punk "Get Lucky" Parody (Dusty) Official Video
  233. Community Request, Midyear Review
  234. did anyone else notice @ericforeman @kingfly
  235. Vibe.com article on Daylyt
  236. [*K.O.T.D.*] - [PY WC] - TOXED KHEMIC vs LAUGH N STALK
  237. CONFIRMED: Mos Prob Vs Soul | Summer Standard
  238. Arsonal vs Goodz in ATL in just a few days...
  239. Is Pass the most under-rated battle rapper of all time?
  240. All you lurkers just lurking and not posting.
  241. Official KOTD TAKEOVER update thread
  242. WTF did i just watch? Detour is this you or someone trolling?
  243. Why does/did everyone hate Jin?
  244. Mr.kon presents | battle royale | dna, math, clips, shine dropping july 5th
  245. Why Chilla Should be in your top 5
  246. why Detour should be in your top 5
  247. The fresco EP is shit... .
  248. My idea for wd4...Fresco vs Conceited
  250. Voicebox Battles: Death before Dishonor (Miami, FL)