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Conversation Between wwjjddd? and Prison Mike
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  1. Prison Mike
    03-06-2017 04:37 PM
    Prison Mike
    I've never tried coconut milk but I will now add that to my list of the things I gotta do. Almond milk is the bomb. That sandwich sounds amazing as well. In prison, everything is gruel.. sandwiches, omelettes, and you can eat your own hair, so that it a HUGE improvement.
  2. wwjjddd?
    03-06-2017 03:05 AM
    Tanks for the rep, Prison Mike, I appreciate it. You should have seen that sandwich, dude. I used three pieces of this oat nut bread. Spread a good amount of cashew butter onto two of the slices and put hella berry preserves spread (just a fancy jam I guess) onto the third slice. That's the trick, man, you gotta douse an extra piece of bread in jam and put that in the middle. Drink some kinda milk with it. I prefer coconut milk
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