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Conversation Between PJ Sumroc and coleowsuz
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  1. coleowsuz
    07-14-2014 09:03 PM
    Lmk if I can get a battle on the show this week
  2. coleowsuz
    05-10-2014 02:23 AM
    Count me in for me vs lil ill gonna be dope. Lmk a few days before hand whenever u need help hosting
  3. coleowsuz
    04-09-2014 11:17 PM
    Hey man if my verse goes like 15 seconds over r u gonna cut me off Yager went for like 3 minutes on me I'm just wondering cause I reall wanna make sure my last bar can be in it
  4. coleowsuz
    04-03-2014 04:53 AM
    Leme get a battle on next weeks show? My phone reception was a little fucked it'll be more clear next time
  5. coleowsuz
    03-18-2014 05:40 PM
    Im looking foward to the battle.. How exactly does it work do I call In or record
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