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Conversation Between Abstrakt and averagejoe

Conversation Between Abstrakt and averagejoe
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  1. Abstrakt
    08-02-2014 04:08 AM
    you have a strange way of showing affection, sweetheart...

    *runs into corner and giggles*
  2. averagejoe
    08-02-2014 03:57 AM
    that wasn't being mean!!

    i went out of my way to say "the next person" cuz i like u
  3. Abstrakt
    08-02-2014 03:12 AM
    ever since my name-change, youve been mean to me

    *runs into corner and cries*
  4. Abstrakt
    07-24-2014 12:23 PM
    bro i'm still spacecadet...i was just sick of looking at that name
  5. averagejoe
    07-24-2014 06:17 AM
    honestly like right now i dont even know who u are
    like i know i know u but i have no idea wat ur name was

    u were 1 of the three space dues i know that
  6. averagejoe
    07-24-2014 06:16 AM
    fuck ur name change.
  7. averagejoe
    05-22-2014 06:18 PM
    Jesus christ edit ur sig lol

    Damn novel
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