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10:51 AM - JR77 mentioned VerseTracker in post Who Would Win Game
...aybe that's an idea VerseTracker, add an "I really wa...
08:43 AM - JR77 mentioned Megaman13 in post New Dizaster Song Featuring Gregpipe from Germany - Bars & Delivery
Megaman13 I once read a commen...
09:18 AM - JR77 mentioned in post Tay Md...bmore please tell us what ...
07:58 AM - JR77 mentioned WillyRockBags in post Don't Flop "Resurrection" recap
WillyRockBags did you see those Hi...
03:49 PM - JR77 mentioned Prelec in post Highlights: Yager Krenz (aka YAGERBOMB) vs Funeral Nick
Prelec thread is dying!!
07:44 AM - JR77 mentioned The Kang in post [K.O.T.D.] - [BACK to BASICS] - FULL CARD/VIDEO FLYER
The Kang Why did they have to...
09:25 AM - JR77 mentioned King Fly in post PEDRO VS OSHEA | Don't Flop Rap Battle
King Fly OrganikHipHop Os...
03:56 PM - JR77 mentioned Vanilla in post Pat Stay's sister
...ter!? Is she a DIME Vanilla!?
04:53 PM - Casual mentioned JR77 in post So when's Mook/Drake gonna be rescheduled and what happened at BO5?
...ettonetics, JOBone, JR77, Klemm Bell, NotATro...
05:08 AM - riffic mentioned JR77 in post Put ya posting privileges where ya mouth is. Charron vs. Pat, 1 week ban bet
...ettonetics, JOBone, JR77, Klemm Bell, NotATro...
04:52 PM - JR77 mentioned deathstare in post Pretending Illmac Is Good Is Such A Boring Cliche On This Sight... Sigh
... G and a bully, ask deathstare
02:28 PM - JR77 mentioned JerseyNoName in post *FCMG* Cassidy vs Dizaster Rematch (official footage)
Hey JerseyNoName, why don't you start...
07:44 PM - SonnyDaze mentioned JR77 in post ****OFFICIAL RMBVA TOP 20 BATTLERS**** (Nov. 2014 Rankings and Discussion)
...The Chef Abrupt JR77 thetechnoir Gold...
09:49 AM - JR77 mentioned Madness in post Real Deal responds to Nocando's LA Weekly article
Has someone like Madness reacted to NoCanDo's...
12:29 PM - mdk mentioned JR77 in post Schemes or Talk to em? What would win?
...down! Hold it down! JR77 it's on you!"
05:42 PM - brodeezy mentioned JR77 in post [RMBVA GAME] Were these bars hot? Vol. 2
... JR77 SNAPPIN!!!
11:48 PM - StabYourself mentioned JR77 in post DOUBLE FEATURE: RMBVA Showing of Foreman/Ness and Verb/Caustic TONIGHT @ 8pm EST!!!
...hnny5 , Joykiller , JR77 , Jun Tao , justin0 ...
07:26 PM - Beaux Jangles mentioned JR77 in post Bonjangles Streamin!!! (Monday June 9 @ 9pm EST-11pmEST)
...5 , Joykiller , JR77 , Jun Tao , justi...


03:24 AM - SHOWTIME quoted JR77 in post Caustic to battle at Blackout....
Don't really care to be h...
03:10 AM - iamHBY quoted JR77 in post #BOTZ7 - Thesaurus vs TOPR
Most viewed is Dan vs Ron...
09:21 AM - JR77 quoted RandallFlagg in post #BOTZ7 - Thesaurus vs TOPR
I could be wrong but that's proba...
10:36 AM - JR77 quoted ThaDiz in post What Was The Best Year in Battle Rap?
2012 for definite. Each of ...
09:59 AM - JR77 quoted wwjjddd? in post Guys who is TOPR
Edit: he's also been living o...
09:18 AM - JR77 quoted LukeWaltonisGoat in post Does anyone else want to see Verb and Okwerdz battle before Verb retires???
Other examples ppl just called Tech 9...
06:55 PM - RandallFlagg quoted JR77 in post Illumaculate vs Thesaurus
One of the few rematches ...
11:05 AM - Emancee quoted JR77 in post Recurring angles that we can do without ???
Any angle that has been d...
08:28 PM - JR77 quoted PriceAintRight in post Blackout7 announcement #1
On a serious note, if ICE somehow m...
06:21 AM - iamHBY quoted JR77 in post KOTD seemingly has no battles to drop and no events planned until Blackout.
What happened to Sketch M...
06:48 PM - LukeWaltonisGoat quoted JR77 in post What OLD SCHOOL rappers would be real/ funny to see against battle rappers
And even Ab-soul basicall...
03:29 PM - JR77 quoted LukeWaltonisGoat in post What OLD SCHOOL rappers would be real/ funny to see against battle rappers
ass2myface small yeah lol but this ni...
02:46 PM - Cuntoffs are Jumps quoted JR77 in post Will blackout be on ppv???
Vs Solomon? Would be ano...
10:51 AM - JR77 quoted Cuntoffs are Jumps in post Will blackout be on ppv???
given it'll feature Mic Assassin's long...
10:10 AM - JR77 quoted Emancee in post Most obvious nameflips ever used/you can think of
Take Peter's bread (Pita Bre...
12:00 PM - JR77 quoted RandallFlagg in post Reverse Live vs Everybody knows (BOTZ7)
My girl was like "What are we doi...
02:24 AM - VAallDAY quoted JR77 in post URL vs St. Louis Drama Megathread
Smack wouldnt exactly be ...
12:31 PM - JR77 quoted SHOWTIME in post Dumbest shit you've read on KOTD's "talk back" FB group???
Why on gods earth would anyon...
02:44 PM - Casual quoted JR77 in post Lexx Luthor buys iBattle
Isn't this a good thing? ...
08:08 PM - PriceAintRight quoted JR77 in post Charron called out Diz for 60K
Summer Madness/NOME. Long...
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