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12:00 PM - JR77 mentioned st0ned in post MASSACRE III - July 22nd
...imploding Dizaster st0ned better not prove me ...
11:49 PM - JR77 mentioned everybody knows in post slightly OT: happy 4/20, lets celebrate wit the best weed songs by battlers
everybody knows
03:15 PM - LukeWaltonisGoat mentioned JR77 in post LWIG runs down THE OFFICIAL top 25 posters on the forum and poses a question
iamHBY JR77 I swear idk how I le...
10:53 AM - JR77 mentioned Illmaculate in post WATCH: SOUL vs REAL DEAL with ILLMAC & CHASE MOORE
...s to score AVOCADO Illmaculate
02:28 PM - JR77 mentioned GMajor in post KLBL - Rap Battle - Eazy Da Block Captain vs. Peoples FavouriteTycoon Tax
GMajor it seems Tax got you...
01:49 PM - Smokey-Clovn mentioned JR77 in post Battle-Rap Hall of Fame Moments
...correctly... Buddy. JR77 good one buddy I'm l...
09:03 AM - JR77 mentioned The Saurus in post Goodz approach vs Rone
Remember when The Saurus said "I could win th...
01:49 PM - JR77 mentioned Dank Schrader in post What the hell is going on with Don't Flop?
Dank Schrader would've been a top ...
07:39 PM - The Kurgan mentioned JR77 in post Don't Flop have more slogans than you think
...s. Full marks. JR77 Yeah vs Joker Starr ...
02:25 AM - Luke mentioned JR77 in post List of Battles that Were Scheduled but never went down got locked up JR77 - THATS WHAT I THOUG...
07:46 AM - JR77 mentioned st0ned in post w/ NIKIYA
st0ned could you consider b...
12:45 PM - JR77 mentioned Prelec in post Hey i battled check it out
...ations in his third Prelec !!
08:23 AM - JR77 mentioned st0ned in post Lush One Discusses b2b4 drama & being fired from KOTD
....jpg Good to see st0ned has upgraded his Nex...
04:05 PM - Hanzaki mentioned JR77 in post The Saurus vs. Chedda Cheese going down in Vancouver
...s. Also, to echo JR77 when are you battlin...
03:52 PM - JR77 mentioned Triptych in post Scrambles4Money Presents: Tumi vs. Bender
03:17 PM - Rant mentioned JR77 in post Any anime heads?
... in between, too, JR77. Sorry for any confu...
07:42 AM - JR77 mentioned Bar4Bar in post Worst/Corniest Line From A Battler That You Respect?
...ame ... that's bs" Bar4Bar
03:18 PM - JR77 mentioned Bigg K in post The next title match needs to be Bigg K
Bigg K do you want the titl...
03:40 PM - JR77 mentioned Ness Lee in post Assuming Magic is actually retiring, who should he face on URL/KOTD this year?
Calicoe and Ness Lee


02:17 PM - Abstrakt quoted JR77 in post Mook is the greatest angle battle rapper of all time.
Like when he told Solomon...
03:17 PM - JR77 quoted acidzero in post KOTD - #MASSacre3 - Announcement #8
that's the clip they use for ...
08:31 AM - Cuntoffs are Jumps quoted JR77 in post Double Impact Shenanigans
But what about this new s...
07:00 AM - JR77 quoted brodeezy in post Double Impact Shenanigans
smh im so glad URL innovated ...
02:41 AM - mdk quoted JR77 in post Thoughts on the U DUBB Alpha N Omega card?
The fuck is Rad B doing o...
01:05 AM - RandallFlagg quoted JR77 in post Is Head Ice a furry?
... what image? :scare...
07:23 AM - JR77 quoted mdk in post I've been saying Chris Unbias is a weird loser...
YO. or, looking at the t...
08:18 AM - JR77 quoted mdk in post Saturday
I thought ppl were gonna...
10:58 AM - Battlehogg quoted JR77 in post The Saurus is Undefeated and Undefeatable
Topr, Fresco, Bigg K, Mat...
09:03 AM - Marcus quoted JR77 in post The Saurus is Undefeated and Undefeatable
If we go by judging decis...
08:35 AM - JR77 quoted Marcus in post The Saurus is Undefeated and Undefeatable
Thesaurus got the judges de...
08:17 AM - Marcus quoted JR77 in post The Saurus is Undefeated and Undefeatable
Topr, Fresco, Bigg K, Mat...
10:56 AM - JR77 quoted youdontwannabethatguy in post KOTD - Rap Battle - A. Ward vs DNA | #BO7
DNA raps too much like K shine since NWX t...
04:12 PM - iamHBY quoted JR77 in post KOTD - #MASSacre3 - Announcement #2
07:40 AM - JR77 quoted iamHBY in post KOTD - #MASSacre3 - Announcement #2
Apparently Ars had been wan...
07:44 PM - JR77 quoted damon116 in post KOTD - MASS 3 Main Event Announcement
Pay stay loses his last coupl...
02:02 PM - LukeWaltonisGoat quoted JR77 in post URL killed battle rap
11:41 AM - JR77 quoted Metazone in post RMBV/ is officially DEAD
I don't get why a goofy FB gr...
03:05 PM - Emancee quoted JR77 in post Dumbest shit you've read on KOTD's "talk back" FB group???
Even Charron vs Suge?? P...
08:23 AM - JR77 quoted Bwdawatt in post WATCH: ARSONAL vs SHOTTY HORROH (DF) with NOCANDO and LUSH ONE
Every battle I've ever seen i...
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