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Chk82 08-11-2018 02:56 AM

Face-offs going on right now.


iamHBY 08-11-2018 03:01 AM

My SM7 predictions:

Hitman Holla, clear 2-1, possible 3-0 edge
T-Rex, 2-1 edge
DNA, clear 2-1
Iron Solomon, clear 2-1
Math Hoffa, 2-1 edge
Ill Will, clear 2-1
Geechi Gotti, clear 2-1

Chk82 08-11-2018 03:03 AM


Originally Posted by iamHBY (Post 748087)
My SM7 predictions:

Hitman Holla, clear 2-1, possible 3-0 edge
T-Rex, 2-1 edge
DNA, clear 2-1
Iron Solomon, clear 2-1
Math Hoffa, 2-1 edge
Ill Will, clear 2-1
Geechi Gotti, clear 2-1

U think Roc gonna get done like that by Holla? i dunno

iamHBY 08-11-2018 03:41 AM


Originally Posted by Chk82 (Post 748088)
U think Roc gonna get done like that by Holla? i dunno

Roc's been kinda iffy in his last few battles, and more often than not, Hitman Holla manages to show out. I remember at the first High Stakes when people had O-Red demolishing Hitman before the battle happened, only for Hitman to stream roll over O-Red in Jersey. I also remember people had K-Shine killing Hitman because he was fresh off of the T-Rex battle at NOME 7, only for Hitman to beat Shine so bad that Shine never posted the link for their battle when it dropped.

I've been watching long enough to know that Hitman is not one to underestimate.

youdontwannabethatguy 08-11-2018 06:36 AM

roc 2-1
rex 2-1 possible 3-0
Dna 2-1
Iron solomon 2-1
math hoffa 2-1
o red 2-1
suge 2-1

really hard to predict what battles will be the 3-0s if any

El Mariachi 08-11-2018 07:25 AM

Hitman 2-1 (Roc has more chances to win but Hitman can talk to him, I don't think Roc can)
Reed 2-1 (His last performances are way better than Rex ones)
NJT 2-1 or 3-0
Iron 2-1
Ave or Math 2-1
Will 2-1
Geechi 2-1 but Suge always wins against newscomers

Emancee 08-11-2018 08:42 AM

Hitman will beat Tayroc, but no way it will be a 3:0 as Tay always has a fire second and Hitman often takes it easy in the second.

Reed 2:1 (Rex doesn't seem to care recently, this isn't the battle to make him care)

Otherwise the old guard have got this. DNA, Iron Solomon, Math Hoffa, Ill Will, and Geechi Gotti will all win

Profess 08-11-2018 03:55 PM

Rex vs Read
On first thought both these guys are washed. But since this is both of their last chances. I think one of them will show out. And Rex will be the one to do it. So I'm going 3-0 Rex. Although I wont be surprised if this battle is 0-0

Suge vs Geechi
I think this will be a good battle. Geechi has made a spot for himself with the big boys but he still has something to prove. Suge on the other hand, while killing it most battles, will probably never be regarded higher than he is. In other words, there is more at stake for Geechi, so I think he will seize the moment and take this battle 2-1

Ill Will vs O-Red
If Will is in the battle, then it's probably going to be a good battle. But just because I'm saying that doesn't mean I think he will win. O-Red can really spaz out when he's on his shit like he was in 2017. Has O-red reign of terror fizzled out tho? I'm calling this as debatable 1.5-1.5 a style preference. Will with his presence and O-Red with the wild translations.

Math vs Ave
There is no way I have Ave winning this. I, like most everyone else, has jumped on the lets gas Math bandwagon. We all know MAth is unbeatable now after going 3-0 in 3 weeks ;) That said, Ave still rubs me the wrong way after his bar theft scandal last year. While I loved his battles vs Mike P and Nitty. I can't recall a clean performance since. I'd like to see Ave redeem himself setting up a king of VA match vs Big K but I don't believe that will happen so. 3-0 Math in a Bodybag that starts a serious convo for a Math vs Hollow clash

DNA vs Twerk
Can DNA win a battle off his promo footage alone? So the PG killer is back. How many rounds DNA can win will depend on if he can paint Twerk as a PG. DNA usually oversaturated himself, so I'm not expecting much from him.. but if he can use his slogan effectively and get Twerk the fuck out of there, then I'll be happy to score DNA that round. Twerk is on a run, and if the goonies are behind him with the unleaded gas in full force accentuating his high level performance a and energy then this should be a clear 2-1 for NJT

Iron vs JC
This battle will probably not be one of the batter battle of the night. JC has been on the decline since he blew his chance vs Lux, and neither guy had as much prep time as they would have had Surf not been shot. Iron 3-0

Hitman vs Roc
Two big names facing off. I think this will live up to the hype and be a classic. With Hitman obviously taking the first, and Roc obviously taking the 2nd.. the winner of this one will be decided in the 3rd.. Hitman in a 2-1 edge BOTN

iamHBY 08-11-2018 04:47 PM

Hitman Holla, clear 2-1, possibly even a 3-0 edge. I know Roc's considered to be one of the most consistent battlers around, but I feel like he's been hit or miss in his last 5 battles. Plus, I've seen too many times over the years when people said battlers like O-Red or K-Shine would demolish Hitman Holla, only for Hitman to snap on them. I feel like this will be similar to Roc's Surf or Calicoe battles, and Hitman will overpower Roc in controlling the room while also bringing some creative approaches to breaking Roc down.

T-Rex, 2-1. I like Reed better than Rex, but I feel like Rex's experience with battling more outside of the East Coast is something Rex is going to use to his advantage. Reed's definitely good for an aggressive delivery and some quotable lines, but considering that Rex can match him in energy, I feel like he's going to be more comfortable in Vegas than Reed is, and I think in general that this battle should go on 3rd or 4th. If this goes on 2nd to last or in general too late into the event, I feel like the lack of crowd energy will hamper the battle, and both of these guys are battlers that thrive heavily on crowd energy.

Iron Solomon, clear 2-1. I know JC can write solidly on less than 10 days prep, and Iron has Bigg K a week after this, but I think Iron's a much more versatile battler than JC is. JC can definitely write, and it seems like he's going back to how he was performing against Chilla, but I think Iron's got too many tools at his disposal to work with. Plus, it seems like Iron's best performances as of late have been more against punchers like Magic or Nitty, and I feel like Iron's treating this battle more as a test of pen games rather than trying to get super personal, and this will probably end up being a better battle than Surf/Iron would've been.

Math Hoffa, clear 2-1. I think Ave's one of the best punchers in the game, and I had him beating Clips, but Math has more momentum going into this battle. Plus, outside of punching and a pretty solid delivery, Ave doesn't really do anything else, while Math can rebuttal, do comedy, do style breakdowns, etc. I think this battle will surprise a lot of people, but unless if Ave can tie in his punches with some kind of a theme or whatnot, I got Math winning it clearly.

DNA, clear 2-1. I'm not particularly a fan of either DNA or Twork, but it seems like these kind of matches are in DNA's wheelhouse, as far as battling newer names. This will be closer now that Twork's apparently not battling in Philly the same night as SM7, but unless Twork relies less on forced wordplay and puts more of an emphasis on his punches, this is probably going to end up the same way DNA's matches against people like Prez Mafia, Ill Will and A. Ward turned out. DNA's back to back punches and his freestyling/rebuttals I think will be enough to get a win on Twork, although I don't think losing to DNA will damage Twork's stock.

Ill Will, clear 2-1. I know Will's battling Big T a week after this battle, but Will managed to do extremely well against Daylyt and Shotgun Suge 7 days apart, so that's not going to be an issue. O-Red's going to have some heavy punches and some really effective name flips, but I think Will's going to bring everything to the table (comedy, rebuttals, angles, punches, etc), and he's going to pick apart.

Geechi Gotti 2-1, possible 3-0 edge. Suge's got a reputation for being the gatekeeper to top-tier, but Geechi's not any regular newer name that's faced Suge before. Geechi can punch, he can get aggressive, and he takes really effectives approaches to breaking down his opponent. Whatever Suge normally does to make opponents look lesser than him with stuff like the "What ya life like" moments or pocket checks I don't think are going to work on Geechi, and considering how well Geechi's done against a wide variety of styles, I got Geechi clearly winning this one to make up for his A. Ward performance.

Sky2real 08-11-2018 05:46 PM

Tay Roc 2-1 over Hitman Holla. His room shakers will be better than Hitman dancing around.
T-Rex, 2-1 edge over reed. Rex has much more experience than Reed on the big stage.
Twork will 3-0 DNA and have people wondering once again why they keep booking him :funny:
Iron Solomon, clear 3-0. Hopefully this retires JC for good. Horrible.
Math Hoffa 3-0 over Ave. This is 2018. We realized Ave was overrated years ago. He’s one dimensional and just boring. And what he does can’t be considered rapping. Get him the fuck outta here!!!
O red, clear 2-1 Ill Will is nice and will take a round but we’ll clearly see red is better
Geechi Gotti, clear 2-1 Better content than Suge these days.

mike rigs 08-11-2018 07:40 PM

Hitman 3-0 Roc
Rex 2-1 Reed (battle of the night)
Dna 3-0 Twork
Iron 2-1 JC
Geechi 2-1 Suge (Geechi champion of the night)
Math 2-1 Ave
Ill Will 2-1 Ored

iamHBY 08-11-2018 10:15 PM

Geechi's 1st round against Suge is crazy, especially with stuff like the "This time Suge dying in Vegas instead of 'Pac" bar.

iamHBY 08-11-2018 10:45 PM

Geechi 3-0, the 1st round was probably the closest, but then Suge Jersey'd his 2nd and 3rd rounds.

mike rigs 08-11-2018 10:48 PM

:funny: Geechi caught a baggy. lets get it.

Sky2real 08-11-2018 11:12 PM

This for my man buttah doin life in the box!!! Lmaoo did he really just mention Mac’s cartoon

Chk82 08-11-2018 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by iamHBY (Post 748105)
Geechi's 1st round against Suge is crazy, especially with stuff like the "This time Suge dying in Vegas instead of 'Pac" bar.

During the face-off last night, they basically talked about how Geechi would come with a Suge in Vegas bar. And it still came off slick.

Shotgun just came out for the free buffet coupons.

Sky2real 08-11-2018 11:30 PM

Bruh....O red has lost his voice 10 times throughout his battle career. That’s ridiculous :funny:

Chk82 08-11-2018 11:31 PM

O-Red choked so hard he lost his voice. WTF

iamHBY 08-11-2018 11:31 PM

This battle's gonna be vaulted.

Sky2real 08-11-2018 11:33 PM

Why don’t they just move the battle to later in the night? Give him a couple hours to recover. Morons.

iamHBY 08-11-2018 11:45 PM

Salute to O-Red for trying to carry on in his 3rd, couple solid lines too.

Soda Popinski 08-11-2018 11:46 PM

This battle is ass.

Sky2real 08-11-2018 11:51 PM

O red 3-0

Sky2real 08-11-2018 11:52 PM

He’s spitting his third too :funny:

Chk82 08-11-2018 11:53 PM

O'red is garbage here

Profess 08-11-2018 11:56 PM

What's Illmac doing on this stream.. url debut?

iamHBY 08-12-2018 12:15 AM

That O-Red freestyle that DNA had for Twork predicting his Black Mamba line was really good.

mike rigs 08-12-2018 12:16 AM

DNA is roasting this guy.

Sky2real 08-12-2018 12:17 AM

DNA is really the black Charon.....so horrible and cringey

Sky2real 08-12-2018 12:20 AM

Twork already bodied him :funny:

iamHBY 08-12-2018 12:26 AM

DNA 1-0. Twork had a good Room Raiders line, but I got DNA taking that round.

iamHBY 08-12-2018 12:40 AM

Eh, I got DNA winning this battle already. Twork's 2nd was super dry before he choked.

Sky2real 08-12-2018 12:49 AM

Don’t book Twork again for at least 2 years.

Soda Popinski 08-12-2018 12:49 AM

Jersey niggas on the all-choke team tonight

iamHBY 08-12-2018 12:51 AM

DNA 3-0, clearly.

mike rigs 08-12-2018 12:51 AM

:funny: 3 for 3 so far. Told yall DNA 3-0 :funny:

mike rigs 08-12-2018 12:55 AM

DNA ragdolled that weirdo. Damn that was wild.

azhotazice 08-12-2018 12:57 AM


Originally Posted by Chk82 (Post 748111)
O-Red choked so hard he lost his voice. WTF

Lmao I love this site, logged in just to post this.

azhotazice 08-12-2018 12:57 AM


Originally Posted by mike rigs (Post 748130)
DNA ragdolled that weirdo. Damn that was wild.

Twork is a bitch for that.

Soda Popinski 08-12-2018 01:05 AM

This SM is trash so far.

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