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TheGodOfPez 06-19-2018 02:47 PM

#KOTD - Rap Battle - Patch vs A-Class |#GZ

Never heard of Patch before. Has solid lines but could work on his delivery. Class is dope as usual. Not a bad watch.

god level 06-19-2018 03:28 PM

Pfft.. they got A-Class out here on GZ. slap yourself kotd. or yourself A-Class. bet he won tho

Smokey-Clovn 06-19-2018 06:52 PM

A class GZ.... they know who Class is right

irvsykeg 06-19-2018 10:49 PM

i forgot people somehow thought a class was good, interesting

irvsykeg 06-19-2018 10:53 PM

why does it look like a class shaved his eyebrows off a couple weeks ago

jaykramer11 06-21-2018 02:01 AM

LIGHT A-Class still bodied this clown.

Yah forgetting that Class took it to Diz.

RickyProehl 06-21-2018 03:56 AM

A class isnt gz. Give him a name guarantee he brings it nh

Jaybird 06-21-2018 01:31 PM

Tink got locked up?

Chk82 06-22-2018 06:58 AM

Dunno why A-Class gets so much vitriol on this board. When he brings it he's more fun to watch than like 75% of battlers out there. Then again, I guess he only shoots himself in the foot battling on GZs and the no-name leagues in Prince George's county or wherever the fuck some of those shitty cards are he pops up on.

youdontwannabethatguy 06-22-2018 12:59 PM

A class changed his style a lot to fit with what works now i feel almost serius jones esque but not to the same extent , he's probably still better than GZ level i'd say

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