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K, here

Thursday evening.. Remy contacts me an says he got in a car accident.. Says he got a concussion and a ruptured ear drum.. (Waiting for hospital records for my lawyer) still have to pay his opponents travel an accommodation dre's

Rich Dolarz landed and found out. He had a family death while on his flight.. I tried for 2 hours to get him to stay but he left and even left his manager stranded here who I also had to look out for.. Still have to pay his opponents travel an accomidation fees aswell as his payment as he didnt breach.

Big T - been waiting on his passport for weeks. Was supposed to arrive last week but the Midwest snowstorm has shit backed up and they won't tell him any info EVEN tho he paid to have it expedited.. I tried to get him an advanced ID so he can travel on lad and water across the border but apparently you can only obtain them if you live in the state of New York or Michigan.

JC - still hoping to get him here today on a megabus. His driver got detained (dont know why as ive got very little response back.

IllWill - well what can I say, got a last minute warrant for his arrest this week due to an incident alot of people promoted... Again, have to pay for opponents accommodations etc..

Honestly, from the times battles were set up I had border exemption letters sent to everyone. We did everything we could do including informing the border of our event in which some ppl were held until the name 'kingoftheodt' was brought up and they were allowed access...

It's unfortunate but not much we can do. I've been running around trying to solve everything.. This hurts US more then anyone.. From branding to debt to upset fans.. Now I also need to pay a lawyer to take some of them to small claims for breach of contract.
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