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Originally Posted by Emancee View Post
Partly agree with you, Corny. If Diz and Lush joined together to make a Westcoast league, it would really hurt KOTD. Some of the Canadians that Organik is trying to push show how shallow the waters of the talent pool are now.

Also Diz needs to get a job. Battle rap just doesn't have the structure there yet to offer anything more than sporadic paydays. Honestly if you have the rep of Dizaster and can't turn that into enough money to live then something is clearly wrong with your hustle.

Disagree with the second part though. KOTD has never really been that shady. Honestly except for this Diz thing (Which we only really have Diz's batshit crazy word for) and that Smack PPV weirdness, KOTD has been one of the few non-shady companies out there.
calling it shady business practice is perhaps too strong of a word, kind of what I meant was that the money coming an employees way wont always be what you expect and I mean there are a slew of companies that do this, UFC, WWE.....people cry about pay and you would have to imagine that this problem is even worse for smaller companies like kotd, thus opening the door to dealing with shady shit
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