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Originally Posted by MrMumbles905 View Post
People keep saying the West saved KOTD when its more like KOTD saved the west. KOTD was going and rising during the Wests and GT heyday. So to say KOTD would be dead without the west is false revionist history.

KOTD wouldn't be as big as it is without the west is facts. But without KOTD where would the West coast be.

Look at the list of LeftCoast and ask where would any of them be without KOTD
Right...The west would just be completely ignored and no one would ever start up a leagu out West with all that talent out there.

Without American Talent, no one cares about KOTD for this long or on this level. Where would they be without KOTD? On another league that doesn't exist because KOTD stepped in first.

KOTD took advantage of a good situation, and I'm glad they did, but they didn't save the west.
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