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Originally Posted by irvsykeg View Post
blaze won, i see you in here. i can't remember, but i think you have kids? genuinely curious to your opinion on this since we have polar opposite opinions on everything.

anyway, last comment b4 i dip, but obv this is polarizing subject. whether you think it was justified or not, can y'all at least acknowledge that it wasn't him reacting to protect his son and eliminate a potential threat, but him doling out punishment on someone's behavior being "unacceptable" because its one or the other, not both

if u think the latter is fine, that's cool, agree to disagree. but don't pretend the dude was protecting his kid from a real threat or reacting instinctually to protect his child. lets call it what it was, a premeditated assault on someone who posed no threat in a situation where the threat to his son is reduced 10-fold by just leaving

stop playin with me stah stah stah stah stop playin with me playin with me ballgame
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