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Originally Posted by Iron Monk View Post
Why you protectin pat? Did pat say anything about him not wanting to pop of like that? Did calicoe say he was drunk?

Why you adding factors that aint even there.
Call it as you see it.

Pat was shook, that face, he knew, hed be beaten up, look at the first time cal put his hands on pat, look at pats face.


He's not even mad that cal is ruining the battle, he was so scared he decided to end his rounds early. usually youll hear pat bitch about it, but nahhh, he was quiet as your mom when i was drilling her with my micro penis.

witch factor is not there ? that cal was drunk? he had a patron bottle in his hand and you could 120% tell that he was.
Also the xanax picture was from his own instagram.
Have you ever got drunk on xanax or any kind of benzo? then you know how that affects your mind aswell.
And pat not wanting it to go further is kinda avious when he push his brother back right ?
Im still saying that pat looked shook tho!
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