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The Wrist is better than Grind Time AntarcticaThe Wrist is better than Grind Time AntarcticaThe Wrist is better than Grind Time Antarctica
Originally Posted by PJ Sumroc View Post
famously got beat up by Camu Tao & Icon The Mic King(@ Scribble Jam).
i witnessed the scribble fight brew and develop but missed the actual fight. was mad.

one of my fondest memories is a very drunken Copywrite waddling up to PH's merch table which I was sitting at with him, to tell PH he was thinking of stepping to Icon because Icon had made a remark whilst hosting the prelim battle. Maybe 30-45 minutes later ( I was mostly drunk at scribble , this number could be completely wrong. ) PH runs up on me wherever I was standing in the back laughing that Icon just knocked out Copywrite and told me and whoever I was standing with the story. Miss that guy.
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album from whenever featuring RA The Ruggedman, Okwerdz, J Zone, C Rayz, Reef, PH, Illmind, Vanderslice and I forget. Buy it. I was on one Scribblejam DVD. Show some respect.
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