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Iíve always thought Lush is good people but I did t agree with a lot of what he was saying in that live. Smelled like fence sitting.

And that stuff about how dirtbag should have been getting blowjobs and not on Facebook, you can get blowjobs and still talk about important issues. Just recently he was talking about how battle rap is high art and some of the best writers alive are doing it that canít be true if all the people at the forefront shy away from the biggest issues the world faced.

The song Wade In The Water was a message to slaves to hop in the lake before you try to escape so the dogs donít catch your scent. Slave owners used to hear it being sung and found it catchy so they started singing it and recorded it themselves. When people like YR co opt black culture as much as they do and show to be racist, itís the same effect. They might only be a little racist but thatís because being racist is only a little bit popular at the moment.
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