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Originally Posted by GetPaid View Post
You really don't know what he meant by it? He was questioning Pass' blackness by talking about his white wife as if real black people don't have white wives. We can be obtuse about it because he didn't spell it out exactly but it's hard for me to figure out a different way to take it. It's suggesting that he thinks there are defined parameters for what a "real black man" is, you don't see anything racist about that? It was racist when white battlers did it to D-Lor well before 2018, it was racist when they did it to 100 Bulletz or Phranchyze well before 2018, and it's racist now. People put a ton of weight on the word "racist" and consider it a heavy accusation, but that's not on me. I'm not saying it's the equivalent of like, Donald Sterling partaking in housing discrimination, but it doesn't need to be to be a racist comment. I have no idea about a "ban" or whatever, I really don't know enough about Jeffrey or his crew to have an opinion on that. If it were up to me the gay slurs would have also caused a stir but it's clear that battle rap accepts that type of language currently, especially for white people looking for a substitute for the n word.

To your point about the hypocrisy, that's absolutely true. I'm sure some of these guys were the ones talking about the guys I mentioned like that. They should be called out for their hypocrisy. But "is the response hypocritical" and "is the original comment racist" are two different questions.

And I disagree with you about what being a Trump supporter means in 2018. It isn't 2016 anymore (though I'd say it was obvious then too but whatever, now there's a track record in office), he's made it clear what he's about and it sure as hell isn't "fiscal conservatism". If someone is still supporting him, that says something imo.
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