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grandgroove is better than Grind Time Australiagrandgroove is better than Grind Time Australia
Resident old head here. Bought ‘All For One’ in cassette during release day. Camelot Music. I was in the 9th grade.

The last I checked for Brand Nubian was that Enter the Dubstep shit from earlier in the decade. That whole project felt like some white hipsters trying too hard for cred. On top of that, making the music “their way”. The whole shit just felt contrived.

Anyway, I like to keep up with Lord Jamar interviews, no matter how outlandish. I appreciated the “guests” discussion and agree with it. Here, though, it’s another case of Vlad trying to stoke fires where none exist. He is long overdue for a broken nose.

Now, back to my Metamucil and blood pressure medicine.
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