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Originally Posted by Rtongsta View Post
can somebody here transcribe the actual trailer
that would hilarious as fuck
"This lyricist walks a different road from all others. However, his destination is the same as his peers, and that's the top of the URL. Queens, NY native Th3 Saga will bring his wit, wordplay and will to win towards his spiritual nemesis, Tink Tha Demon. His name is the perfect fit for his subject matter, to prove to his opponent that challenging him is a grave mistake. Th3 Saga vs. Tink Tha Demon."

"He was involved in one of the greatest match-ups in URL history. Many refer to him as one of the best lyricists in the culture. Now, he makes his return to the stage that matters the most, facing the hunger of a newcomer. Punchlines, wordplay, rebuttaling are just a few attributes this exciting newcomer possesses. At Born Legacy V, he will encounter his toughest challenge to date, in the toughest environment in the MC battle culture. JC vs. Chef Trez."

"New York City, the mecca of MC battle culture. This metropolis has been the breeding ground for battle rap since the artform's inception. The competitive rivalries between St. Louis and Detroit has set up the pillars that built our culture. Now, a new rivalry has begun, and at Born Legacy V, you will witness the first installment of DMV vs. New York City. In the spirit of Double Impact, a 2 on 2, featuring Ryda & Jakkboy Maine vs. Snake Eyez & Dougy."

"This Highland Park, MI MC was one of URL's biggest stars. His presence was highly requested by fans, and now he returns with his unique style and to prove he can still compete amongst the best in the world. However, a newcomer that also possesses a unique style and a rapidly growing fan base has joined the URL roster, and is ready to derail Qleen Paper's return, and show that his spot has been taken. Qleen Paper vs. Nu Jerzey Twork."

"When two MC's agree to compete against one another, sometimes unforseen obstacles or tragedies can impede their road to glory.

Ave: March 11th, yo bro, y'all ain't heard Ave like y'all about to hear Ave. I promise you.

O-Red: You could be a great shooter, it don't matter, you're just not gonna be a better shooter than Steph Curry.

One of the most talked about matches of the year didn't happen. However, what is destined will be. Ave vs. O-Red."
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