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I believe...

We're about to see a huge shift in the powers that be in battle rap after tonite.
Kinda the way we had when T-Rex vs Math battled. I'm kind of glad for RBE. I really like ARP and think he is one of the best guys involved in battle rap. I honestly never imagined URL NOT being the #1 battle league. I always thought...if KOTD can't take them down (and I personally enjoyed KOTD battles more) one could...Especially not another league from NYC!!!

I've never been a fan of Mook. I've always gave him his due obviously but I have more memories of Aye-Verb....but I've never been more interested in what a battle rapper has to say outside of Mood tonite. I think experience and wisdom are gonna be the determining factors on why Mook not only beats Verb tonite...but set the bar again for battle rap. I think we all love Verb but we all feel like we've seen his ceiling. Mook has the advantage of the unknown...we don't know what his ceiling is.

I say that to say this...he sold this fight.
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