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List your RMBVA Mt. Rushmore of posters

This is tough to do but I gotta do it for the coacha

Riffic - As much as I call him a fag and all that good stuff he's the Mook of Rmbva.. There isn't a single nigga who doesn't know Riffic, He's funny, and out of all the fat ppl in the world he's the best.. Definitely one of my favorite Posters

Willy - We all know Willy is the best troll in the history of life.. Why do I say that? Because we don't know if he was trolling or not so he already won the battle.. Regardless tho nobody has brought more personality and excitement to the Forum

Showtime - A lot of y'all are sleep because his reach is further than you would ever know.. But he was that nigga in the DVD era aka on Rap Music.. He's still one of the best on here but the shit he did on RM will always make him a legend

WWJJDDD - This nigga is the most consistent poster in the history of V Bulletin doesn't matter where you go... Super underrated, great timing, hilarious, and probably the most likable poster ever

It's tough to just do four but in terms of everything and contributions that's who I'm rolling with. Although my young shooters Culturedboy, Peace, Mulatto, Randy, Acid are all the new wave of niggas that are ready to take this shit over

(Also S/O short shorts Seanzo and Ass Napkin they da goats)
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what in the pg-stepping fuck are we doing with Dre Dennis, b?
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you are the sturdy femurs that keep this forum upright

@I am LIL ILL is the heart
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