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I don't know the biography of hindu so I don't know why he rubs some of you the wrong way or whats up

but I said it before and ill say it again this forum is weird as hell given people that literally suck asshole or just a shitty person in general the pass

so I am confused as hell to how or why only a handful of people are protected while the rest are shitted on.

you know I get it if youre under 25 and still troll and act pretentious on the internet its fun, but to continue to do so after a certain age is flat out sad..take a look at your life

if you 25 or older and all you do is ACT like a bigshot online u need to take a break from this online shit and obtain yourself some credentials.

obviously its fair to critique ones work, but every time they post or come around? that shit makes you a fan, period
i'm a biased god, if it's not american i'm not caring.
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