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Cuntoffs are Jumps is not the worst person
not snitching on the smack killer - I'm not that reckless, but didn't Corey 'The Furnace' Charrone make a video where he said he was making x thousands of dollars per month at his 9-5? (by tricking and pressuring elderly and/or vulnerable people into buying heating systems they don't need it turns out)

+ his real talk autism third is now cancelled, he's a meanie. also from the reddit thread

'You think I'm a scammer, that's something I straight up doubt,
I entertain, and Y'all worried about some made up clout,
Ain't saying shit like taped up mouth,
If I pack the burner specifically, think furnace delivery...
..that means I'll roll up to your door, and bring the heat straight to your house.'

the ending couplet earns that gentleman (or lady) a soda
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