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Yo, I dead ass tried to watch this battle for bars ignoring yells comments. Keith was ass cheeks. Fredo and Sticky might have gotten together for this one. Fredo was actually tryna rhyme syllables and his shit was actually semi prepared.

Granted a lot of it was washed up 1990's punch lines. The whole shoving match just didn't have the comedic value for me. I gotta re-watch for time stamp, but at one point you see Math saying "this shit whack". Fredo bodied Keith in a battle that they both lost. If this was organized and they forced Keith to write and be sober, this could have been dope.

All in all, this battle let me down hard. Funniest part to me was watching Murda Mook tryna skip over Math with the shout outs, and Math about to snatch the Mic from him in the beginning.
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