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Originally Posted by Water Mage View Post
Stop acting like I just learned about logical fallacies yesterday, I first studied them in 2005 as a freshman. Your dependence on ad hominems is really unbecoming. I don't expect you to be overly conscious the rules of formal logic, but when you start to nitpick my arguments and then complain when I start scrutinizing the logic of your own counter-arguments, that's when I will begin to hold you to your own standards.

Also, while there's no need to apply rigorous analysis of logic to a message board, I think we can all agree that the constant litany of ad hominems you spew is both disagreeable and a waste of emotion. Why are you so salty anyway? Read some of your posts out loud, they sound really pissy lol.

As for making strawman, Sure you did make one. Let me explain how you made it:

I never argued that "whites are not given a fair chance in hip hop".. You took my thread title and you created your own interpretation of what exactly I meant by that. You somehow took it to mean that "whites have a disadvantage at being accepted in the industry, and then you cited some examples that disprove YOUR INTERPRETATION of what I said, rather than what I actually meant.

You often do this. You intentionally misintrepret what I say, grossly distorting it to a thesis that is much easier to impugn, and then you refute an argument I did not make.

Again, I do not know why you are being so salty, aggressive and insulting. I stopped being a dick a while ago, and attempted to be amicable.

I'm not reading this post; quick skim, but you're repetitive and dumb.

I got the point of your first post and decided to throw examples out how white privilege still exists in hip hop to shut down arguments about white privilege and let people know I'd be aggressive towards it so it didn't turn into a flame war. In fact, I moved it into the Hall of Shame for that purpose as well. Gotta remember that outside of being smarter than you, I also get people better than you do. I then insulted you for trying to imply you were doing something intelligent and trying to talk about my lack of logic when you were completely out to lunch. That had nothing to do with the original point; it had everything to do with how fucking weird you are as a person.

I smacked away your olive branch because offering an olive branch and condescension is some strange type of bull shit that only a socially inept moron would see as a good idea.

If you ever come up and talk to me in person, which I know you will never do, and offer this type of condescension, I will mock the shit out of you. You can take peyote and train in martial arts for a life time but it still won't help you with the fact you're a weirdo who doesn't understand human beings and thus is always at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to arguing with them.

And your mother sucks diiiiiick.
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Its called battle rap, not battle skin.
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Hell yeah, about to smoke some weed from my special gandalf replica pipe and watch this
Originally Posted by SpecialOh;

and jewish people dont eat beef so ur definitely not right on that 1
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