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Castor is not the worst person
Originally Posted by Emancee View Post
This part of his round was genuinely fire. The best part was that you could see it was really pissing ICE off too. Cortez may have had the best angle used against ICE in a long time... and he threw the other half of the round away.

Both Rone and Tez only lost to ICE because of their bad battle tactics.
It sounded good but it didn't mean shit. Tez has always rapped about the exact same things he was shitting on ICE for. It's like Diz getting in Roc's face and saying I've never been one to hate on someone for their color or race, when that's ALL HE HAS EVER DONE. It makes everything he's about to say meaningless. Tez has never spit a round about raising his own race's profile, so how the fuck can he accuse someone else of not doing it? Garbage.
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