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Well look.. if artists on Spotify isn't getting more than your average battler it's up to the battlers and the leagues to try and profit in other ways, just as a recording artist. And the leagues are doing great work. Noone wants it to end, or to lower the quality.. just as noone want free music on Spotify to end. But as mans use of internet clearly is in development we're just gonna have to fight thru this phase.

Yeah you could argue that fans should pay more, but if that's the case I should pay more for music, tv, video, games, software and probably alot of other stuff aswell.

Only thing battlers and leagues can hope for is to increase popularity, so other revenues become profitable. We can't have a base on like a million viewers and what.. 20 000 people? that goes to shows and expect it to feed several leagues and god knows how many rappers.
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