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Originally Posted by brodeezy View Post
how could he not be?

who do u have ahead of him?

and i swear to god if u say illmac, dizaster, or some weird british dude we're throwin hands b
He's certainly gotten popular in the past couple of years, but in my opinion, his battles before the Ill Will battle weren't particularly remarkable, and since the Clips rematch, I think he's actually gotten worse, to where it's almost guaranteed in every one of his battles he's going to have at least a couple really horrendous bars or godawful examples of wordplay.

Without even factoring in guys like Illmac or Diz in that BR Mt. Rushmore convo (even though I believe they belong in the convo), I think guys like Hollow Da Don, Aye Verb, Conceited, Arsonal or Serius Jones are light years ahead of Roc in that conversation. When I think of that Mt. Rushmore, I think of obviously track records, being able to do well in a wide variety of environments, and also influence.

Hollow's one of the most versatile battlers in this era and can do well anywhere, Verb's run from 2008-2013 was ungodly (and he's had a couple really good performances recently), Conceited influenced an entire generation of battlers with a punchline style very few has mastered since him, Arsonal's gone to war with some of the biggest names around, and Serius went from being one of the most dominant figures of an older era to returning and beating some of the biggest names of this era of battle rap.

I commend Roc on not choking or stumbling, he always brings 3 rounds, and his profile went on a rise during a time where the bigger names were phoning it in on URL. However, when comparing the best performances from Roc to the guys I have ahead of him, Roc kind of comes off as a participation trophy battlers by comparison (and for the one thing he does, I personally think guys like Magic, Conceited, Nitty and K are better at that than him).

There's no doubt that he's a big name on URL, but as far as that Mt. Rushmore conversation, I feel like there's several other names that have done more for battle rap and have had more memorable performances than Tay Roc.
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