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Originally Posted by lukej View Post
I think Bigg K needs that ultra top-tier battle...if it's Hollow, that would be kind of funny, considering it's a Hollow Battle that arguably just decided two Mt. Rushmore's.

I think Bigg K needs his Roc battle, and if he doesn't clearly lose, it kind of solidifies his spot.

This does all seem pretty simplified as if Roc "defines" Bigg K when in actuality, Bigg K's legacy fucking defines Bigg K. But he doesn't have a classic with someone like Hollow, and Roc arguably does, so I'd say Roc and not K (yet)

Then again who gives a fuck about a "Rushmore" the fact is K is one of the GOATs
Valid point, Bigg K should battle Roc at some point, right now would be spot on. A lot of battlers are ducking Bigg K, it's sad. I mean he has beaten Verb, arguably Con, Pat Stay, Ill Will, JC, Magic, arguably ICE, Big Kannon, Math, ...and a few more. That's a killing spree, not giving him a shot at an elite tier battler is backwards for the culture.

Bigg K and Roc are Top 10 GOATs
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