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Originally Posted by youdontwannabethatguy View Post
I think he only said the i love you shit when bender died cause he reached out to math as well that time so im not really gonna old him to that , problem is kotd would still take him back in a heartbeat especially now
I wouldn't be so sure about that, I don't even think diz is banned from kotd or nothing but in my eyes kotd is probably tired of diz's bull shit, he is a ticking unpredictable time bomb who has already gotten away with all kinds of shit

and he also tried to make kotd fold with threats of releasing information if they didn't meet his demands lol...btw they didn't fold.

and of course he only reached out because bender passed (god rest his soul), dizaster is notorious for taking advantage during peoples hard times/sad news..he basically takes tragic situations and tries to put the spot light on himself, the guy is a delusional attention whore and always has been, I like him as a battler but as a person he is a piece of shit.

-edit, I would also go as far to say that dizaster will be begging kotd to be on their cards again, not the other way around..I bet he regrets what he done

nobody will show love for diz the way the kotd fans do, except for the russians even I can admit he locked in the oxymiron thing pretty good but in my eyes even that will only last for so long
i'm a biased god, if it's not american i'm not caring.

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