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SHOWTIME is better than Grind Time AustraliaSHOWTIME is better than Grind Time Australia
Luke ~~~~~
Kept the forum alive, his battles get more views than actual battlers here.
Goat opinion, seasoned. The mook of RMBVA.
Mulatto ~~~~
Most slept on, consistently dope opinion, low key the best debater
Willy circa 2011-2014 ~~~
Goat troll, people get so triggered by him.
This new Willy account though is a imposter
Nut God ~~~~
What more can I say ?
SunkenDPro ~~~~
Hollow tbh.
Dope old head JERSEY, used to f with him
Super heavy back in the day
6000GP ~~~~
Cmon now he's a dot forever he's just a lil more controversial u intentionally than some of the other dots

Anybody not on this list I plain out don't like....
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