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2017 RMBVA Props + Free Rep For Everybody. Happy Holidays!

I don't post as often as I used to and real talk I mostly jump on this site on my phone when dropping a deuce lol. Anyhow, just wanted to say happy holidays to everybody - hope you guys are all doing good. Anybody who posts in this thread is getting free rep whether I like you or not. Battle rap has been pretty solid lately, which is a beautiful thing. RMBVA doesn't have as many posters as it once did but the dudes who stuck around are still legit as fuck. It's stupid early and I'm a little hungover so I'll make this short and sweet. I'll just do a quick salute to some battles, battlers and posters.

Battle of the year... I know I'm jumping on the bandwagon on this one but it is definitely the battle I've watched most in 2017. @The Saurus vs @TOPR Holiday -- JC vs Illmac and Iron vs Diz were up there for me too. Battle has stupid replay value. The fact that this battle has under 60k views where some shitty ass URL battles have over a million is fucking bewildering:

RMBVA MVP: @AVOCADO - Kyle, you're a cool motherfucker and your work is super fire. Really glad you're getting that work with URL. Your shit is amazing, and I'm no dickrider. Really glad I got to meet you in person, hope you film the next Massacre because I'm in that area now and will feed you some beers lol. RYD is amazing and I'm sorry I haven't donated yet - you have my word that I will. Trying to think of a fire battle to suggest. Keep your game going in 2018 homie, your work is crazy appreciated. Salute!

Also, nobody gives enough props to @iamHBY - if this guy wasn't a member, 50% of the battles posted on this site wouldn't be posted. Thanks for that shit dude I appreciate it!

Battler of the year in *my* opinion goes to JC. His resume is impressive - Bigg K, Illmac, Chef Trez, Chess, etc. I don't recall him losing any of those (maybe he did - but I don't recall). He's not my favorite battler but I think if he's not battler of the year he sure as fuck is up there.

Favorite posters on this site in no order: @Casual @Seanzo @Ness Lee (post more dude your shit is hilarious) @PJ Sumroc @Soda Popinski (best user name on this site)

Cheers, everybody! Hope you guys have a great fucking holiday season.

Come get that rep.
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