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Originally Posted by Nikolas34520 View Post
Just thought of this, Bender vs Fredo happened in the middle of the afternoon and this happened around midnight if I'm not mistaken, also doesn't Bender drink a lot? All this in consideration along with that he needs a lot of prep time. It sucks this happened but all this in mind it isn't too shocking he didn't deliver his best. Next big event he's battling at his battle should be first like Chedda Cheese vs Carter Deems.
Oh yeah, Bender looked shit faced. His material wasn't that bad, but his delivery of it was very off. He stumbled way too much, but I'm sure he was fucking wrecked when he did this battle. Pnut still won, I'm not taking that away from him, but this battle should've been way better than Bender getting bodied like that. Hard to watch, cause I really respect him as a writer.
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