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Originally Posted by Feral Linguist View Post
I am a huge fan of art especially music

I like general 'classical' and jazz, technically refined stuff, as well as shit like Hella and Ween...Circle Takes the Square and Refused as much as much as Bob Dylan and Howlin' much as Big Pun and A Tribe Called Quest

And movies too... I like Vertigo and Citizen Kane but I'd rather watch something like No Filter or Slacker

Point being is I will not jump immediately o Cadalack Ron tracks if someone requests for me to 'show some good music ' but if it moves me in some way whether it's the lyrics the beat or both then I can appreciate it as art

What kind of music do you like?
Too many to mention but Classic Hip Hop like PE, Run DMC, KRS, Fugees, Tribe, De La, Beastie Boys, Wu Tang, NWA, Cypress Hill as well as newer artists Like Joey Bada$$, Chance the rapper, Vic Mensa, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick, J Cole, Brockhampton.

I also like rock groups like RATM, Chilli Peppers, Metallica, Ac Dc and plenty more.

I watch battle rap for entertainment but I canít fathom why people listen to battle rappers music. Itís just not that good. And thereís so much better stuff out there. Of course people are free to choose what they want. Iíll just never understand why a person would bump Cadalak Ron.
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