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Originally Posted by ux9 u so fine View Post
I seriously love threads like this cause I HATE new battle rappers names ..

I am actually surprised there isn't another NEW battler named juice this time around

standouts of new battlers names I hate , for obvious reasons :

punchline - self explanatory
nice - self explanatory
vokab - please
Twayne - see above
lp - ... el-p ?
beanz - really ?
Wu - REALLY ?!

I liked :

take note tox - workin at the airport I know notocs are important to take ;nthought this name was hard
bigga bigelow - pays homage
dallas cash - rolls off the tongue pause
I was going to make this exact same post haha.

But how you gonna miss out King Flow, Bottlelife Quest, Breezy Nice, Pop & King Moneyy. That extra y on money is killing me
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if u were really tough you would go troll reddit
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And yes, I promise you, on everything, you don't want any of this.
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I'd say Chef Trez is my Bangz
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