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Hitman Holla, clear 2-1, possibly even a 3-0 edge. I know Roc's considered to be one of the most consistent battlers around, but I feel like he's been hit or miss in his last 5 battles. Plus, I've seen too many times over the years when people said battlers like O-Red or K-Shine would demolish Hitman Holla, only for Hitman to snap on them. I feel like this will be similar to Roc's Surf or Calicoe battles, and Hitman will overpower Roc in controlling the room while also bringing some creative approaches to breaking Roc down.

T-Rex, 2-1. I like Reed better than Rex, but I feel like Rex's experience with battling more outside of the East Coast is something Rex is going to use to his advantage. Reed's definitely good for an aggressive delivery and some quotable lines, but considering that Rex can match him in energy, I feel like he's going to be more comfortable in Vegas than Reed is, and I think in general that this battle should go on 3rd or 4th. If this goes on 2nd to last or in general too late into the event, I feel like the lack of crowd energy will hamper the battle, and both of these guys are battlers that thrive heavily on crowd energy.

Iron Solomon, clear 2-1. I know JC can write solidly on less than 10 days prep, and Iron has Bigg K a week after this, but I think Iron's a much more versatile battler than JC is. JC can definitely write, and it seems like he's going back to how he was performing against Chilla, but I think Iron's got too many tools at his disposal to work with. Plus, it seems like Iron's best performances as of late have been more against punchers like Magic or Nitty, and I feel like Iron's treating this battle more as a test of pen games rather than trying to get super personal, and this will probably end up being a better battle than Surf/Iron would've been.

Math Hoffa, clear 2-1. I think Ave's one of the best punchers in the game, and I had him beating Clips, but Math has more momentum going into this battle. Plus, outside of punching and a pretty solid delivery, Ave doesn't really do anything else, while Math can rebuttal, do comedy, do style breakdowns, etc. I think this battle will surprise a lot of people, but unless if Ave can tie in his punches with some kind of a theme or whatnot, I got Math winning it clearly.

DNA, clear 2-1. I'm not particularly a fan of either DNA or Twork, but it seems like these kind of matches are in DNA's wheelhouse, as far as battling newer names. This will be closer now that Twork's apparently not battling in Philly the same night as SM7, but unless Twork relies less on forced wordplay and puts more of an emphasis on his punches, this is probably going to end up the same way DNA's matches against people like Prez Mafia, Ill Will and A. Ward turned out. DNA's back to back punches and his freestyling/rebuttals I think will be enough to get a win on Twork, although I don't think losing to DNA will damage Twork's stock.

Ill Will, clear 2-1. I know Will's battling Big T a week after this battle, but Will managed to do extremely well against Daylyt and Shotgun Suge 7 days apart, so that's not going to be an issue. O-Red's going to have some heavy punches and some really effective name flips, but I think Will's going to bring everything to the table (comedy, rebuttals, angles, punches, etc), and he's going to pick apart.

Geechi Gotti 2-1, possible 3-0 edge. Suge's got a reputation for being the gatekeeper to top-tier, but Geechi's not any regular newer name that's faced Suge before. Geechi can punch, he can get aggressive, and he takes really effectives approaches to breaking down his opponent. Whatever Suge normally does to make opponents look lesser than him with stuff like the "What ya life like" moments or pocket checks I don't think are going to work on Geechi, and considering how well Geechi's done against a wide variety of styles, I got Geechi clearly winning this one to make up for his A. Ward performance.
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