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Originally Posted by Cuntoffs are Jumps View Post
It was a reference to a choke within a choke? Or I may be drunk.
yes. i've explained it before since ppl thought i was legit biting. it was obvious to everyone i forgot my shit and was freestyling and not doing so hot. during his battle with serius (i believe), jin was clearly melting down and freestyling terribly while looking visibly nervous.

he said the classics, "cheesin, pleasin!" and "laughin and gigglin, actin like im wigglin and shakin my ass" which is hilarious for many a reason.

anyway, i realized i was doing the same shit jin was, uncomfortably freestyling cuz i didn't have anything good to say and thought it'd be hilarious to reference it and at least be funny while sucking. i still think it was hilarious
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