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lukej is not the worst person
Originally Posted by Smokey-Clovn View Post
Letting someone know it's on sight is what real does.
Not sneaking up on a man who's solo and distracted by an ambush.
So not swinging on a dude half yo size who didn't do nothing to you would have been real? Somebody saying your not safe around here while being a pussy isn't exactly a thing you know.

Lukej confirmed faggot

Getting slumped doesn't mean anything can happen to the realest, keeping his head down tfoh he got swung on mid walk from behind with all the accumulated poverty of a foodstamp collector he's lucky to have waken up on the same week.

Nvm I have no idea why I'm trying to explain this to a nerd, go outside sometimes you might recognize real

You sir are a delusional pussy who still gets exited for the Christmas gifts your parents buy you.
Briefly skimmed over your post and saw that you are emotional enough to call me a faggot and pussy over the internet

Sounds about right lmfao
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