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So I guess Diz had a fever dream or some shit the other night. He came into Lafioso HQ mad early on Monday and was like, "You know those crazy flower like things that you can make wishes on, before you blow em?!
...No HOMO, you faggots!" "Let's make a Lafioso Tee with a couple of those shits on it!!!?"

So we got that now, I guess.....Good shit you guys. You ask for it (?) you get it with Lafioso.

Anyway, we sold 9 shirts, so Diz said we should release 5 new, back by popular demand, we re-present the Lafioso LAXXX Tees and Tanks!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!?? (This time, we got tanks too)....If you're like the Diz-man and you ALSO like making wishes and blowing on "those crazy white flower things", you can also own a T shirt with not one, but 2 of those things on it (it prolly helps if you ALSO like LA, because that's on there too).

Anyway, march on over to and get yourself freshly dipped in some Diz-wear, you faggots (Diz made me say that).
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