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My thoughts on the battles for NOME 9:

With Lux/Verb, I'm definitely excited for this one, there's been a decade of back story and build up to this battle that I originally thought would never happen, and I think it's gonna make for a great battle. I'm curious to see how Lux does in his first battle outside of the East Coast, and I'm hoping they both bring some unique angles to the table. I'm curious to see how time limits are enforced though, because I know Lux can rap for a really long time, but Verb is very punctual when it comes to having time limits be called for.

With Geechi/Surf, I think this is the ultimate generational battle when it comes to URL. Surf established himself as a fan favorite early on in URL's existence, and with Hitman has the most viewed battle in URL history. Meanwhile, Geechi has accomplished a lot in such a short time on URL, and in the last year or so, he's had standout performances against a wide variety of names and styles to the point where I think he's going to adapt very well to a big room. While I didn't think Surf's performance was all that good against Nitty, I'm hoping this time around he takes Geechi seriously, because this has potential to be a BOTY contender.

With Nitty/Shine, apparently this match was scheduled a couple other times before, but fell through for whatever reasons, but now it's happening at NOME 9. I think Nitty's not only the best puncher in battle rap now, but also legitimately one of the best writers in how he frames the punches, and doesn't waste a single bar. I had Shine beating Tay Roc clearly at Resolution, but against guys like Ave or Geechi, I find his current template-based style of back to back punching to be kinda boring, and I'm hoping he brings something more to the table against Nitty.

With Arsonal/Ave, I know they've been going back and forth on Twitter for a minute, but I'm not as excited about this battle right now. There's certainly potential for it to be a good styles clash, Ave's fairly consistent with his punches and delivery, and Arsonal has shown up against Twork and Geechi with some of his best performances in awhile. I'll try to remain optimistic for this one being good.

With Pat/Suge, I've never understood the appeal for this specific match outside of the aesthetic of them both being tall, and the possibility of Suge pocket checking Pat. I know Suge's been wanting this battle for awhile, and that it almost happened on RBE's Rare Breeds, but I think Pat's going to outclass Suge pretty badly this battle. It seems like lately Suge has a tendency to run out of gas really quickly, and considering the run Pat had in 2018 (which included him showing out against the face of URL in his URL debut), I think you're going to see Pat shake the room in Houston.

Finally with Jakkboy/JJDD, I know that they've been feuding for two years now about a litany of different issues, but I don't think this battle's going to be particularly good. I'm hoping JJDD brings the kind of performance he did against Mr. Wavy, instead of spending most of the battle relying on wordplay that I find to be absolutely nonsensical. And with Jakkboy, I know he's building up a following with his Banned performances against Steams and Big T, but I have a feeling that unless if he puts in more effort into his setups or in the very least stops rushing through setups to get to the punch, I don't think his style is going to translate into a big room (especially since it was just a short time ago that Jakk was looking bad against Young Kannon and Jerry Wess in smaller rooms). Plus considering that Twork's supposed to be battling Buretta Blaze on Houston Bar Code's HOME 2 card the night before NOME 9, I'm fairly certain Jakk's just going to acquiesce his 3rd to Twork so Twork could get off the rest of his 3rd from Resolution that he didn't get to do.

I'm hoping for the best with NOME 9, there's certain potential for some really big matches, and the Houston crowd at NOME 8 to me was one of the better crowds URL has had in some time.
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