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karkcack is not the worst person
I got Pass 2-1, first and third.

K is interesting in this battle, maybe I just haven't watched him in a minute but he's definitely trying to ride longer schemes (which is a simple thing but for K does feel like a kinda significant change), counter to Pass's bars about him not changing. It was a good K performance, solid first two rounds, really good 3rd.

But idk I thought as soon as this was announced that Pass might beat him and he did to me. His first was more consistent than K's, he had the weakest round of the battle with his second, but his 3rd really emphasized the areas where he's better than K. K does not execute angles that effectively and Pass's ability to make points with conviction (that I agree with at least lmao) is greater than his. That bar asking K whether he really believed that shit about Ice and the KOTD chain or did he just have nothing to say really rang true to me. Like K has good bars obviously but compared to Pass it just feels like there's not as much behind it sometimes. Less substance I guess.

Maybe that's just a vague way of saying I'm way more ideologically in tune with Pass lol

(like after Pass's 3rd when Bigg K came out talking about SJWs lmao i was like ok battle over)

true colors shit was probably my favorite moment of the battle, K's coffee cake/Carlton Banks bit was great

edit: ok the more I think about it the funnier it is that after pass's 3rd bigg k was literally just like "the crowd's full of SJWs!" lmaooo is that not racist for "uh oh i'm losing!" he even felt the need to say 3-0 at the end AND he reacted to pass's bars more than i've ever seen him react before i think he might know he lost

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