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Yo, I just came here to say. Just up until a few months ago, I was fighting for Myers respect. I heavily fux w the fact that ya'll actually now acknowledge and understanding what he brought to the culture. I could be a dick cause all ya'll hated on the boy until either you guys realized he was great, or ya'll just bandwagoning like most of you fuckers do anyway i.e. saying Charlie Clips the goat 2-3 years ago.

also /edit:

Brizz vs Nitty - Both need to get fans behind their back again because of their recent performance. I got them both killing it and re-gaining the fans respect in really good battle with little to no replay value. Unless Brizz does something different.

Danny Myers vs Twork - Classic. The fans won. Replay value possibly thru the roof.

Pass vs YK - Pass 3-0. YK's like a URL J-Pro.

Geechi vs Tech 9 - Geechi 2-1. Possibly more humor than expected. Geechi might try a comedic round even.. Tech will do really well and I'm rooting for him too.

B-dot vs Mike P - B Dot 2-1/3-0. Get Mike P the fuck outta here. He should just be an interviewer for battle rap Chris. In crowd, live, Mike P will stand a chance but on cam it's gonna be bleh. B Dot deserves better. Idk y Daylyt and B Dot are giving him too much credit by battling him but it's whack.

The Saga vs Emerson Kennedy - Emerson Kennedy 3-0. Saga will make it seem like he's doing something, but he's inevitably not, like the Bible. I also don't appreciate that ppl are saying EK for Emerson Kennedy when that is CLEARLY Everybody Knows. Everybody Knows that is EK.

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