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Originally Posted by sleeping dogs View Post
he had a consistent round. it felt structured and cohesive. highlights for me were the oxtail line, the star wars line, paul george line, de & ar at the top like a love letter line, the what the fuck is that line at the end was also a strong round closer. while it's not a line, the way he started off the round "they say i can't gun bar him to death" after winning the coin toss and setting the tone for the battle is also worth mentioning.
you guys are trolling when you say the de/ar at the top line was hot right??

i can see someone giving roc the battle if theyre into 1-dimensional rappers and judging the battle based on crowd reaction i guess
"the boston battle scene is the worst thing poppin,
you play for the worst team and you the 3rd string option,you gettin yo ass whooped, and everybody on the first team watchin, this we clap hammers here batman premiere that clip release got at least 13 droppin!!" -JC against Chilla
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