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damn, looks like this is true. this sucks. i realize this may sound hypocritical coming from me given my storied history, but it's so easy to forget that we're all actual people behind the keyboard. incredibly sad to hear about this, especially given the circumstances of his death. we've probably all gotten shitfaced and puked before, so shitty that it's what took his life. very sorry to hear of him becoming alc-dependant. not around enough to know that, but shit, that is terrible.

im sure very few people know me around here these days. but if you ever need someone to chat with and BS with, hit me up. dependency issues suck. depression sucks. if you want to shoot the shit about rap or discuss random shit, hit me up.

we can often be a toxic community, but we are all still people. if there are warning signs, help one another out. i don't wish bad on anyone here, ever. support one another.

RIP u9x. you cracked me up. i hope there is an afterlife and you're thriving in it.
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