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InsertBigTGunSound is better than Grind Time AustraliaInsertBigTGunSound is better than Grind Time Australia
Fresco Vs Bigg K
Fresco vs B-Magic
Qleen Paper vs Bigg K
JC vs B-Dot
Chef Trez vs Tay Roc
Wizard and Scizzah vs Dirtbag Dan and Caustic
Shufflo vs Mac/Saurus
Craig Lamar vs Danny Myers
JeFFrey vs Esem
Carter Deems vs T-Top (idk why but watching Carter vs Ace? in SDH and T-top laughing was funny)
T-Top vs Bigg K
Pass vs E-ness
Star Almighty vs Brixx Belvedere
"All my friends animals, like Arthur Read" -Carter Deems
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