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RandallFlagg is better than Grind Time AustraliaRandallFlagg is better than Grind Time AustraliaRandallFlagg is better than Grind Time Australia
Soul khan vs Fox is the biggest body of all time. When the crowd is chanting your name before 5he other person starts their 3rd its over. Thats never happened before and wont happen again.

Dizaster vs canibus

Dizaster vs A class ("you said some shit about pakiyow and blah blah blah blah backin down but your girl likes my iraqi brows and the fact i dont need a snack everytime i hear a cat meow" would have been enough

Caustic vs Jefferson price

Caustic vs megadef

Dna vs E ness

Illmaculate vs Real Deal

Mook vs Solomon appeared to be worse than it was looking back but at the time it was a clear body and needs to be mentioned.

Rone vs Big T should be mentioned for the pure fact that the ass whoopin went viral. Big Ts first is one of my favorites and think he won that round which doesnt make it a true body

Charron vs shotgun suge. Look at me when im killing you is the only time you will see smack react like that.

Iron solomon vs gin
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