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Originally Posted by Cuntoffs are Jumps View Post
so many girls muellin' Charlamagne gave me donkey of the day,

c'mon he ain't so bad, (awaits detailed description of why he is

er watching more of this, there's a slight (sizeable, enormous) believability issue, if you're gonna go monster gangster don't reference scribble please.
ultra basic and boring lines, same exact rapping style as 40 other dudes while quickly rapping super simple lines, saying shit that either makes no sense or is like a half-tendre that doesn't even diss opponent

don't care if u like him aint gonna convince u otherwise, just not for me altho this is why i dont watch battles and rarely comment anymore, no loss for yall
I'm only fucking with bosses like Shadow of the Colossus

"Nigga, I'll untwist your corn rows with a crossbow and toss your lost soul to the crossroads." - Pumpkinhead (RIP)
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