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irvsykeg is not the worst person
pitch bricks in the street like craig fightin debo

duckin undercovers like the boogie monster comin

runnin thru bricks like ima catch the train to hogwarts

im only fuckin wit bosses like shadow of the colossus

theres some hot drug dealer mobster punches for ya. this joey gambino dude is on a super remedial punchline shit but crowds are morons so him rushing thru some filler bullshit live goes over well

it aint tough to ramble thru "my only outlet messin wit drugs! no electrics but i connect wit the plug!" bullshit
I'm only fucking with bosses like Shadow of the Colossus

"Nigga, I'll untwist your corn rows with a crossbow and toss your lost soul to the crossroads." - Pumpkinhead (RIP)
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