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Originally Posted by Nikolas34520 View Post
Here are some cliff notes or things I haven't heard before:
- Eurgh owes Cruger over 10,000 for editing work
- Raptor and Briggzy have been told they can't get paid cause Eurgh spent their chicken on chicken that he feeds to various women
- Bagnall paid for Ness Lee vs Oshea & 24/7 vs Soul
- Unilad reached out to Bagnall for a job after they noticed Eurgh was a cheapskate and didn't donate shit when Bagnall got his camera/equipment stolen
- Eurgh asked Bagnall for a job at Unilad, saying he can "be a producer"
- Eurgh is an alcoholic
- The flyers and DF aesthetics went to shit when Sam grafix left, due to Eurgh being Eurgh and deflecting his errors onto other people to make a long story short
- Bagnall left DF staff after 7BW after Eurgh showed up 6-7 hours late both days, did little to nothing and stiffed Bagnall & Avocado
Was going to watch but Cliff Notes will suffice.

Good show but they need to shorten this shit down
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