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If I understand correctly Diz main beef stems from the situation that they gave him a contract right before the show and sort of tried to force him to sign it, saying it was in a hurry and not really saying what was in the contract, not letting him read it.

I guess KOTD knew he would be trying to take a percentage or something and they didn't really wanna do that. Since it's Diz, you'd think KOTD would treat him a little better than that. At the same time, Diz and people need to realize KOTD is a business that of course wanna own the footage. Personally I dont think leagues is making enough from what they provide as it is. Diz also said his main beef is with Avi not Organik. It's an overreaction but I would be a little upsettoo if I was Diz, provided I haven't gotten it wrong.
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