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Originally Posted by HinduRock View Post
You're a coward who's been trolling me for years and speaking on my dead family for years. If u ever said this to me in person I would kill you. If I ever find out who you are. I'm going to kill you. I will literally hunt you down and cut your tongue out your throat. So move smart because if I ever find out who you are I'm taking a weekend off to go visit you and end your life. I dare you to introduce yourself to me in any way.
You already know that will never happen, its what trolls do, run their mouths from a distance with the comfort of remaining anonymous

also you can never know for facts who he is because he could easily act tough and say someone is him when it's not

I wouldn't be surprised if espiv was innocent haha
i'm a biased god, if it's not american i'm not caring.
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